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Industrial PLCs for automation

At Sirius, we design and manufacture industrial PLCs and all peripheral devices required for the operation of automatic machines.

Our PLCs for automation are high-performance solutions. Specifically, we provide IEC and CNC programming environments and support the main types of field bus.

Our industrial PLCs have various fields of application: from data collection to axis movement in industrial automation systems. These solutions feature:

In particular, we produce PLCs based on the Linux Real Time Xenomai operating system.

All our PLCs comply with the IEC61131-3 programming standard and allow computer-specific functionalities such as reading barcodes and accessing company databases.

As regards peripheral equipment, we create solutions that can interface with digital and analogue signals with various resolutions and field buses (EtherCAT, CANopen, ModBUS).

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PLC per Automazione, Sirius

Sirius' customised industrial PLCs

In order to meet special requirements or to cover specific construction requisites, in addition to standard products, we also provide customised solutions that integrate our own products and third-party components.

Our company philosophy is to regard customer service excellence as the basis for undertaking any project. To achieve this, we also provide companies with training courses and specialised technical support.. The courses allow us to train customers to operate our industrial PLCs and on IEC 61131 programming.

Technical support on the other hand, not only ensures continuous assistance to customers, it also allows us to work together with them to create a solution that meets their individual needs.

We programme PLCs with specific functionalities, or, we offer customers support in debugging third-party PLC programming code.

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