Our state-of-the-art electronics serving numerous industrial applications

Our state-of-the-art electronics for industrial applications, combined with our experience and expertise, have made us the international benchmark in the field of automation for more than three decades.

In particular, we put our electronics at the service of various sectors:

Elettronica Sirius per il settore Healthcare


Electronics for the Healthcare sector

Electronics for the Healthcare sector

Healthcare is one of our focus areas.
In particular, for this sector we implement state-of-the-art electronics solutions capable of handling various types of test tubes in analysis laboratories.

Automating all routine tasks inside the laboratory makes it possible to:


Electronics for industry

Electronics for industry

Our electronics solutions are also used in industry, in particular, our key areas are the stone and plastics processing sectors.

Very often, customers have special requirements that they cannot satisfy with standard solutions found on the market.

In fact, standard solutions may be too sophisticated or too basic for one’s needs. In these cases, we are able to design ad hoc solutions, tailored to the needs of each customer.

We mainly produce industrial PLCs with relative interface cards, but not only. We also handle the entire plant engineering aspect and the production part to combine with the structures.
Lastly, we are also able to carry out electrical retrofitting to modernise machinery and industrial systems.

Elettronica per Industrie, Sirius
Polimaquinas Elettronica Industriale Sirius
Elettronica Automotive Sirius


Electronics in the Automotive Industry

Electronics in the Automotive Industry

Another sector in which we operate is the automotive industry.

Over the years, we have specialised in integration electronics, both aftermarket and original equipment.
We chose to focus on this area because it allows us to combine what the car offers with customised technologies.

In particular, for the automotive sector we create multiple solutions: from steering wheel control interfaces to parking sensors and entertainment electronics.


Electronics for the E-Bike sector

Electronics for the
E-Bike sector

Our electronics for industrial applications we also address the e-mobility sector, E-bikes in particular.

Today, assisted pedalling is the heart of sustainable mobility and is increasingly replacing cars for short journeys.

Our products for this sector specifically includes electronic solutions for the control and management of electric motors.


Electronics for the Vending machine sector

Electronics for the Vending machine sector

Another target sector for our electronics solutions is Vending.

The vending machine sector in Italy is constantly expanding and is characterised by the design of vending machines that use increasingly advanced technologies.

In this sector, we specialise in developing solutions for the operation of outdoor vending machines.


Electronics for the Handling sector

Electronics for the Handling sector

Our electronics solutions are also able to meet the needs of the motor movement control sector.

In particular, we design and manufacture low-power and low-voltage drives for axis movement and data acquisition via testing machines.

Our range includes both standard bench drives and custom solutions.

Elettronica Movimentazione Sirius
Elettronica per Logistica, Sirius


Electronics for the logistics sector

Electronics for the logistics sector

Related to the handling sector, another area of application for our electronics solutions is logistics.

Logistics not only includes the transport of goods, but also ranges from the raw materials supply network to the distribution of goods, including the order process and possibly also returns management.

Our expertise in the logistics sector includes solutions for parcel sorting systems.

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