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Industrial automation hardware design

At Sirius, we design and manufacture hardware for specific automated applications for industry.

Our Hardware is particularly suitable for:

We are aware that every company has to meet requirements in terms of cost and implementation times and needs to maximise its offer.

This is why we provide our customers with continuous support: from the design of the hardware to the optimisation of its specifications, all the way to its production.

Progettazione Automazione Industriale Hardware, Sirius

Rely on Sirius Electronic Systems for your industrial automation projects

Standardised and customised hardware design solutions for industrial automation

Our industrial automation hardware design consists of both standardised solutions, in which we integrate third-party elements, and customised solutions.

Our ability to offer a customised turnkey service and our extreme operational flexibility sets us apart from other companies and guarantee the development and implementation of quality solutions that are difficult to replicate.

We are not just referring to mechanisation: industrial automation today implies the integration of machines into a more extensive regulation and control system.

It includes all means and technologies that can reduce the need for human intervention, such as:

Our automation solutions are at the service of the Customer.

We chose to internalise the production processes and technology. This decision allows us to put customers at the centre and to inform, assist and design according to their needs.

This enables us to make them aware of the progress that is being made on the project, with a view to continuous improvement, and ensure that they are satisfied with the end result.

In general, designing, building and producing state-of-the-art systems and solutions tailored to every automation need allows us to guarantee our customers:

Sirius automation solutions are the driving force behind your future-proof industrial development

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