The support you need to develop innovative systems

AOur services provided customers with the support they need to develop innovative turnkey automation solutions and systems.

In an industrial world that is constantly accelerating and shifting, having obsolete machinery means falling behind competitors and being unable to meet market requirements.

It is therefore crucial to anticipate the changes of Industry 4.0, address new market challenges, harness technological innovation, integrate smart and digital solutions and stay aligned with the progress in industrial automation.

This is why we also make sure that every request from our Customers is also followed up with a thorough check-up of the machinery present.

Where necessary, we also retrofit electronic and mechanical components to bring the company up to modern standards without too high an outlay.

During 30 years in business, our state-of-the-art electronics, combined with the reliability and continuity of our services, have made us an international point of reference in the field of industrial automation.

All of our products are characterised by careful engineering, high performance and simplicity of use and design, and they offer a competitive solution compared to conventional ones.

We also provide third-party component integration services to meet special requirements or to cover specific construction areas.

Our state-of-the-art industrial automation solutions

Our services are structured as follows:

Soluzioni Automazione Industriale Sirius

Hardware Design

We design hardware for specific automated applications for industry.

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Sviluppo software automazione industriale, Sirius electronic Systems

Software Development

We develop software and provide support to system integrators who work in the field of industrial automation.

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Produzione schede elettroniche Sirius Electronic Systems

Electronic boards

We manufacture electronic boards and assemble products to customer specification.

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Realizzazione Prototipi, Sirius Electronic Systems


We produce prototypes to customer specification. The vertical integration of internal processes means we are able to reduce the time involved in making prototypes.

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Plc industriali Sirius Electronic Systems

Industrial PLCs

We design and manufacture industrial PLCs and all peripheral devices required for the operation of automatic machinery.

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Sirius automation solutions are the driving force behind your future-proof industrial development

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