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Industrial automation prototyping

In addition to design and manufacture of advanced electronic products, at Sirius we are also involved in the prototyping of our electronic boards and software for industrial automation.
Prototyping allows customers to test the chosen solution before large-scale production starts in order to verify the suitability of the design.

Being a small-scale version of our proposals, prototypes can be advantageous in numerous sectors:

When customers turn to our company, they choose a company with thirty years of experience. We enhance this with a comprehensive range of services and products, but also with the promise of:

In this sense, prototyping allows us to study, design and create the best solution for the customer’s needs.

All our products are characterised by careful engineering, state-of-the-art technology, high performance and simplicity of use and design.

Rely on Sirius Electronic Systems for your industrial automation projects

Realizzazione Prototipi Automazione Industriale, Sirius

Our customised prototyping service

Today, business efficiency requires a new way of thinking, visualising, analysing, forecasting and optimising the production process. In this respect, we provide our customers with the necessary support for the development of innovative systems or machinery.

Our ability to offer a customised service and ourextreme operational flexibility sets us apart from other companies and guarantee the development and implementation of quality projects that are difficult to replicate.

For all our solutions, we take care of both the entire production chain and the implementation of all technological aspects. This enables us to design according to the needs of individual companies, but not only. We also involve the customer throughout the entire project in order to make sure they are satisfied with the end result.

Sirius automation solutions are the driving force behind your future-proof industrial development

Industrial automation prototyping