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Electronic board production

At Sirius, our objective to answer our customers’ needs in the most appropriate way and we design and manufacture electronic boards. We also assemble and install products according to the required specifications.

We are able to manufacture, assemble and mount electronic boards to our own design, and in exceptional circumstances to third-party designs.

Our electronic board manufacturing service is designed for whoever requires a non-commercial hardware solution.

The customisation of electronic boards, as well as the customisation of products, allows us to offer the best and most competitive solutions in terms of performance.

We also chose to offer companies a turnkey service because we also want to be a guarantee of reliability and efficiency.

This approach allows us to involve the customer in all steps of the operational process. It also allows us to share the workflow, objectives and ideas with each company to create a solution that meets their individual needs.

By developing customised solutions, we are also able to offer companies unique solutions that are difficult to replicate by competitors.

Our electronic boards can be used in various sectors: from Healthcare to the Process Industry, from Logistics to Handling, from Automotive to Green Mobility, and even Vending machines.

Produzione schede elettroniche Sirius Electronic Systems

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Produzione Schede Elettroniche, Sirius

Our turnkey electronic board design service

Our company philosophy is to regard customer service excellence as the basis for undertaking any type of work. That is why we decided to take care of all the steps in the production process in-house.

We therefore manage all the operations in the production cycle, from design to final testing, guaranteeing customers:

The in-house management of the entire production cycle means that we are able to offer competitive solutions, both in terms of technology and quality.

Sirius automation solutions are the driving force behind your future-proof industrial development

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